Publications of the former Section of Conservation Biology


Journal articles

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Book chapter

Zschokke S (2004) — Glue droplets in fossil spider webs — In: European Arachnology 2003 (Logunov DV & Penney D, eds). KMK Scientific Press, Moscow: 367–374

Book review

Zschokke S (2004) — Dinerstein E (2003): The Return of the Unicorns: The Natural History and Conservation of the Greater One-horned Rhinoceros. Columbia Press, New York — Book review in: Basic and Applied Ecology 5: 379–380

Other publications

Coray A, Ettmüller W, Kless J, Baur A & Baur B (2004) — Zur Gefährdungssituation des Erdbockkäfers Dorcadion fuliginator (L.) (Coleoptera, Cerambycidae) im Kanton Schaffhausen — Mitteilungen der Entomologischen Gesellschaft Basel 54: 161–165

Schmidlin S (2004) — Muschel-Invasion im Rhein — Uni Nova 97: 30–31