Pollination and reproductive biology of native carnations

Andreas Erhardt , Christophe Bonetti, Daniel Bloch

We have been investigating pollinators and the reproductive biology of European native Dianthus species (picture) for several years. Different species of this genus may serve as a model for pollinator mediated plant speciation. Potential pre- and postzygotic isolation mechanisms are currently investigated in a NSF project. In addition, all Dianthus species are protected in Switzerland. A sound knowledge of their reproductive mode is therefore essential for their successful conservation.

Keywords: speciation - assortative mating - pollination - pollination crisis - Lepidoptera - Dianthus


Bloch D & Erhardt A (2008) — Selection towards shorter flowers by butterflies whose probosces are shorter than floral tubes — Ecology 89: 2453–2460

Bloch D, Werdenberg N & Erhardt A (2006) — Pollination crisis in the butterfly-pollinated wild carnation Dianthus carthusianorum? — New Phytologist 169: 699–706

Erhardt A & Jäggi B (1995) — From pollination by Lepidoptera to selfing - the case of Dianthus Glacialis (Caryophyllaceae) — Plant Systematics and Evolution 195: 67–76





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